Alex L.

Alex L.

If you are looking for a realtor and come across Laura’s name – look any further. Laura is simply AMAZING! There are really no words to describe how incredible she and her team are:

  • Extremely knowledgeable about the market, providing honest and robust advise about pros and cons of each property.
  • Super friendly, helpful, and reassuring – a person you instantly “click with” and you know you’re in the best hands.
  • A household name in the area – everyone knows Laura and Laura knows everyone! She gets access to properties off-market, connects buyers with sellers, and in no-time you end up living in a property of your dreams!
  • She’s an incredible go-getter that will get “stuff done”, no matter what hurdles come on the way. She was in charge of absolutely everything related to the house process and put us, first time buyers, instantly at ease.
  • Super fast to respond, organize visits, circle back on anything needed including hurrying up our bank in the approval process.
  • Having a vast expertise on anything related not only to the house purchase process but also any work required to be done for that house later on. Any contractor she recommended was stellar and she always went extra mile checking if the work was done up to the highest standards.
  • Her whole team is awesome – experts in their field, incredibly responsive friendly and helpful.

We really loved Laura and we look forward to continuing working with her in the future!

Laura Bertolacci
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