Laura is very professional and easy to work with as she knows the industry very well. She provided guidance through the entire pre and post sale process and answered all of our questions. We were working on our home sale remotely and she made the process very easy for us. We are grateful we had her working for us during this time. We would recommend Laura to anyone of our friends or family.

Meg S.
San Carlos

Laura was our agent for purchasing our first house in San Carlos, and she was exceptional in every aspect. Laura’s meticulous attention to detail, her understanding of our needs, and her superbly organized process made our house purchase seamless. Laura is well-regarded within the real estate community in the mid-peninsula area, which speaks volumes about her expertise and professionalism. She quickly honed in on what was important to us as buyers, considered our budget, and then showed us a mix of on and off-market properties. Much sooner than we anticipated, we found our dream house, thanks to her approach and hard work. She has a vast network of contacts who assisted us throughout the buying process and even after our purchase, ensuring we had all the help we needed. I recommend Laura without any reservations. Trust in her expertise and let her work her magic to find your dream home swiftly.

Naz R.
San Carlos

Working with Laura and her team is a pleasure. I was a first time buyer and the patience and care displayed for me was reassuring when making such a large purchase. 8mo later I’m still extremely pleased with my home.

John T.
Redwood City

Laura is absolutely wonderful to work with. We would highly recommend using Laura when purchasing or selling a home. 2 months ago, Laura helped purchase our first house in Walnut Creek during a very competitive market. She is driven and knows how to achieve what a client is looking for. Laura is well known and respected by other top real estate professionals in the community. She provided great recommendations on improvements that will potentially maximize the value of our home. We are so grateful for all she did to make our experience such a success. Thank you, Laura & Team!!!

Andrew T.
Walnut Creek

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Laura for the incredible work she did selling our parents’ home. As the trustee, I was overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. She was compassionate about the loss of our dad and the fact we had to sell the house that was our family refuge for decades. Laura put my mind at ease, and I truly did not have any worries. Laura explained the process of getting the house ready for the market. She took care of EVERYTHING: organizing the inspections, painting, lights, garden, what to expect with the title company, etc. She coordinated the multiple projects, keeping everything on track. She kept me up to date on each process and was just a text or phone call away. I was amazed at how everything fell into place and all the projects were exemplary. The house was transformed and absolutely beautiful! Our parents’ home sold quickly, and I contribute all this to Laura’s unwavering commitment, knowledge, and extensive experience in the real estate market. Both my sister and I are so appreciative of all Laura’s hard work for a very successful sale. I highly recommend Laura!

Bella S.
Redwood City

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Laura for the incredible work she did selling our parents’ home. As the trustee, I was overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. She was compassionate about the loss of our dad and the fact we had to sell the house that was our family refuge for decades. Laura put my mind at ease, and I truly did not have any worries. Laura explained the process of getting the house ready for the market. She took care of EVERYTHING: organizing the inspections, painting, lights, garden, what to expect with the title company, etc. She coordinated the multiple projects, keeping everything on track. She kept me up to date on each process and was just a text or phone call away. I was amazed at how everything fell into place and all the projects were exemplary. The house was transformed and absolutely beautiful! Our parents’ home sold quickly, and I contribute all this to Laura’s unwavering commitment, knowledge, and extensive experience in the real estate market. Both my sister and I are so appreciative of all Laura’s hard work for a very successful sale. I highly recommend Laura!

Celeste Z.
Redwood City

Laura was very professional and reassuring in the situation of the sale. She gave excellent advice as to prepare the home. She helped us every step along the way and explained everything in a manner which we could easily understand. The sale was fast and easy.

Rene B.

Laura leaves “No stones unturned”. Her thoroughness, speed, deep relationships and industry knowledge propelled us in giving us the best possible chance to land our Belmont home. I have already recommended her to all of my loved ones and anyone I care to have the absolute best buying/selling experience. Any open house we walked into knew who Laura was, and it became our secret weapon, navigating a very competitive Peninsula market. Once we were able to win out over 9 other buyers, she quickly provided key recommendations on improvements, opened up her network of resources e.g. contractors & vendors that we used for our home improvements. We will always be grateful to Laura for making our buying experience such a success. Thank you again, Laura!

Tyler M.

After interviewing several agents I knew right away Laura was the right one to use for selling my house after living in it for 31 years. She is a consummate professional. Her quiet but “laser focused” demeanor combined with decades of experience and vast market knowledge gave me full confidence. She had the right vision of what needed to be improved to yield a quick “high value” sale. Behind her is a true “team” of assistants, contractors & vendors she’s worked with for years that bring together everything in a quick and thorough fashion. Laura was always in communication and rarely did I feel like she had other customers. I felt she always had my best interest in mind. The result was we received 9 offers and the house sold in 6 days at almost 20% over asking. A perfect success. I have and will continue to highly recommend Laura.

Dan P.
Redwood City

I think the word “Amazing” is used too often in our daily lives, so when “Truly Amazing” comes along it lends value to the word. We entrusted Laura Bertolacci with selling our parents’ home. While structurally sound with incredible views, the house was dated and fallen to daily wear. We met with Laura who gave us options to sell “as is” or invest enough to bring it up to the standards that it deserved. Within one day of signing the agreement she strategically and methodically laid out a plan to bring the home to market. Teams of quality contractors from all trades arrived, performing renovations and updates. There were nights when I would be at the home going through keepsakes, only to have Laura arrive at 8:00 in the evening to make rounds and update me on the latest in scheduling. Communication and scheduling updates were constant as she was persistent in driving the project to market. I cannot recommend her enough.

Chris L.
Redwood City

Laura has helped myself and others in my family with multiple transactions on both the buy and sell side through the years, most recently in 2023. Laura works hard for the clients benefit and you should consider her one of the top agents in the area.

Matt G.
Redwood City

Laura helped me sell an estate property wrapped in a fairly tenuous family dynamic. Despite that, Laura led all parties involved swiftly, and efficiently through the preparation and the execution of the sale. Her communication and diligence was as impeccable as her expertise and guidance. I could not recommend her strongly enough. Thank you, Laura.

Melissa G.
Redwood City

Laura is an amazing realtor. She is far beyond other ordinary realtors who only focus on “transactions”. She truly has our interest in mind not only for items directly related to the transactions but all other aspects that will make great differences in these very stressful times: Seamless organizations of logistics, unparalleled rolodex of vendors and contacts along with attention to detail on our preferences, specific circumstances and challenges. We have both sold and bought the houses with Laura and would highly recommend her. We can not imagine a better realtor than Laura.

Elizabeth S.
San Carlos

We are an experienced banker and lawyer, who have handled hundreds of real estate transactions on behalf of our clients, but when forced with selling our father’s home, we didn’t know anyone in San Carlos to help us. We interviewed a number of realtors and were immediately impressed by Laura’s professionalism and enthusiasm. Laura made helpful suggestions as to how we could maximize the selling price of the home. Her suggestions were right on and she handled all of the details and getting the home updated and ready. The home sold quickly, and the closing, with Laura’s guidance went smoothly. We could not be happier or more satisfied with Laura’s efforts on our behalf. We recommend Laura to anyone trying to buy or sell real estate in the San Carlos area.

Kiki H.
San Carlos

Laura went above and beyond to work with us as seniors. Her knowledge and expertise in the field was invaluable. We would not have been able to sell this property without her expert help and patience. She is an absolute super star in her field. She covers every detail from beginning to end. She walked through the entire experience with us. Thank you Laura!!

Suzie B.
Emerald Hills

We had a great house sale experience with Laura and her team. The whole process was very smooth. We really liked the communication and her ability to anticipate any issue that could pop up. She was a reliable partner from the very initial discussions all the way through to the ending sale. Service was very personalized and, in most cases, Laura came over in person to walk everyone through. She also helped manage the various painters/contractors as we got the house ready for sale. Highly recommend Laura and her team, they are great!

Roger T.
Los Altos

LAURA WAS FABULOUS! She is truly professional, efficient and knowledgeable. She prepped the home for sale which was a lot of work as my mom had lived there for 70 years. Her crew was fast, clean, and amazing to get it ready and bring it back to life. She worked diligently with the title company, lawyer, and myself as trustee to meet everyone’s criteria. She brought in offers higher than expected and it sold with competing offers before it even hit the market!! She had everything done in the right order, quickly, and double checked all the details. The house from start to finish was about 1 month! This was the fastest sale I have ever seen. She is a professional that knows her market, how to get things done, and was always available promptly. To please my 7 siblings says it all, Laura is the only agent I would use. She knows what the market is doing at all times and gets the job done. She’s amazing.

Virginia S.
San Mateo

If you are looking for a realtor and come across Laura’s name – look any further. Laura is simply AMAZING! There are really no words to describe how incredible she and her team are:

  • Extremely knowledgeable about the market, providing honest and robust advise about pros and cons of each property.
  • Super friendly, helpful, and reassuring – a person you instantly “click with” and you know you’re in the best hands.
  • A household name in the area – everyone knows Laura and Laura knows everyone! She gets access to properties off-market, connects buyers with sellers, and in no-time you end up living in a property of your dreams!
  • She’s an incredible go-getter that will get “stuff done”, no matter what hurdles come on the way. She was in charge of absolutely everything related to the house process and put us, first time buyers, instantly at ease.
  • Super fast to respond, organize visits, circle back on anything needed including hurrying up our bank in the approval process.
  • Having a vast expertise on anything related not only to the house purchase process but also any work required to be done for that house later on. Any contractor she recommended was stellar and she always went extra mile checking if the work was done up to the highest standards.
  • Her whole team is awesome – experts in their field, incredibly responsive friendly and helpful.

We really loved Laura and we look forward to continuing working with her in the future!

Alex L.
San Carlos

Laura was the quintessential professional from beginning to end. She invited us into a vision for selling our home that was beyond what we imagined. She knew what it would take to quickly sell our home, and she was spot on! Laura and her expansive team transformed our 1990’s home into being inviting and modern. Her relationships, positioning and sales strategies set us up to receive multiple offers within days of listing. We so appreciate Laura and her wisdom, expertise and commitment to excellence.

Maurine X.
Redwood City

If we could give Laura ten stars, we would!  As co-trustees of our mother’s estate, my sisters and I were entrusted with the responsibility of selling our family home and a rental property that had been in the family for decades.  The task initially felt overwhelming, as both properties needed renovations prior to listing them for sale.  From our first consultation with Laura, the three of us knew we were in very capable hands.  Laura stepped in with sensitivity and compassion for our loss and a clear vision of how to honor our mother in the process of settling her estate.  Throughout the process, Laura exceeded our expectations every step of the way.  Her work ethic and attention to detail are beyond compare.  Laura really knows the Bay Area real estate market and gave us excellent guidance and advice from day one. We were constantly amazed by her ability to coordinate with her extensive team of dependable workers to transform both properties in a timely manner.   She is an exceptionally hard-working real estate professional, who was always available to answer questions and make sure various projects stayed on track.  Day or night, weekends and holidays, she was there for us.  From start to finish, every vendor she hired was conscientious and reliable.  She was also highly skilled in navigating the complexities of selling properties held in trust, while coordinating with multiple trustees. In the end, both properties looked amazing and sold very quickly.  We are forever grateful for the guidance and advice Laura and her team offered our family this past year.  We honestly don’t know how we would have managed without her.  We highly recommend using Laura for your real estate needs as she has a proven record of achieving the best possible outcome for her clients.  We sincerely appreciate all that she has done for us!

The Maguire Family
Redwood City

Laura helped us sell our home 20 years ago and did such an incredible job that we recently asked her to help us with both the sale of our existing and purchase of our new homes. Two of Laura’s most invaluable skills are her knowledge related to real estate and the ability to effectively communicate with people. She advised us on all aspects of the buying and selling process. Laura put a great deal of thought and effort into creating an amazing marketing plan. Always available for us, Laura walked us through each step along the way. She provided us access to a vast array of vendors with whom she works regularly, and this made getting our home ready for sale a breeze. Her experience and solid reputation as one of the best agents in the area was a key element when it came time to locating and purchasing our current home. From start to finish, Laura gave thoughtful attention to every detail. It’s always a pleasure working with her!

Lisa S.
San Mateo

If you’re in search of a thorough, competent and trustworthy realtor that is not only extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market, works with top-notch Title companies and vendors, and is someone who you can count on night and day to take care of every aspect of the process of buying, or selling your home, well look no further. Laura is definitely someone you want on your side to help ease the stress and confusion around buying or selling your home. We originally hired Laura 18 years ago to help us buy a home in the Bay Area, and due to that experience 18 years ago, we recently turned to Laura again to help us sell that exact same house about a month ago. We had bought a new home out of state, and we needed a quick and successful sale. She and her team, just like 18 years ago, jumped right in and got everything set to go in just over a week, which ultimately resulted in multiple offers, and a quick and easy sale for us…just what we needed! We can’t imagine relying on anyone else for such an important issue in our lives. Thank you Laura!!

D & J
Redwood City

This review is long overdue but we can’t say enough wonderful things about working with Laura and her team. As first time home buyers, there was a lot of information that was new to us and Laura walked us through each step of the process. She was completely invested is us and made us feel like a priority right from the start. Not only did she help us find the perfect first home for us, but she connected us with our lender and went above and beyond to make sure things were negotiated appropriately and we understood everything that was happening. Laura and her team were knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, communicative and professional. We highly recommend her to anyone in the housing market. We will definitely be contacting her again for any future housing needs. Thank you, Laura!

Phil & Teagan S.
San Jose

Laura Bertolacci of Christie’s Sereno in San Carlos, CA sold our multi-owner condo in Redwood City and helped us get through what was potentially a complicated process with as little “pain” as possible. Good to her word, she navigated issues with the HOA, the title company, staging vendors, and buyers in a careful and detail-oriented manner so that my brother and I did not have to “sweat the small stuff” as neither of us had the time or expertise to manage it. In the end, all the t’s were crossed and i’s dotted so that the hundreds of pages of legal documentation real estate sales in San Mateo County now require were completed when the sale was completed. My advice to potential buyers and sellers in this area is to let Laura handle it for you. She’s a real pro!

Michael M.
Redwood City

Laura is truly a 5-star real estate professional. From our very first meeting with her to the close of escrow, she demonstrated her commitment to her clients and profession and we always knew we were in good hands. When it was time to sell our parents home of 61 years, she understood what an overwhelming experience that can be and helped with everything that we needed to get the job done. She has a dependable network of professional painters, landscapers, flooring experts, trash hauling services, inspectors, etc. and scheduled everything for us giving us the space we needed to get the house emptied and when we were ready, the transition to ready for market was incredible. She knows the current market, what buyers are looking for, and the house was beautiful, selling in less than a week. She is honest, hard working, and shows her expertise in every step of the process. What could have been overwhelming for us was truly made easier with her as our guide. She explained everything along the way and was always available for any questions that came up. We highly recommend Laura for your real estate needs. She works hard for her clients to receive the best possible outcome. Her knowledge, work ethic, attention to every detail and negotiating skills are at the top of her profession.

Sandy P.
San Carlos

Laura was recommended to us by a close friend. She helped him and his family find a house in San Carlos. Laura immediately impressed us with her knowledge and experience. She was confident, professional and clear as she helped us through the entire process from preparing the house to showing the house to negotiating the multiple offers. In the end, everything went very much like how Laura predicted. I can’t imagine a better person to have on your side if you are looking for a house or selling one. Highly recommended!!!

Bob K.
San Carlos

Laura, was very professional in handling our situation. She took the lead guiding us through the process every step of the way. With her help, we were able to sell a difficult property only 4 days after listing. I would refer anyone I know to her, because her abilities, knowledge and communication skills made the sale comfortable and easy on us.

Lyn B.
Redwood City

Laura is the only person to call for buying and selling real estate. She sets the bar high. She is extremely knowledgeable of Bay Area neighborhoods, has long standing and positive relationships with local real estate agents, and has an extensive network of vendors to provide just about any kind of service you may need for your property. Laura and her team are beyond responsive, insightful, caring and supportive. They are like family. I am so appreciative of the time and attention she gave me on my recent transaction. Even beyond close she is still available for questions, references, and advice. I can’t thank her enough!

Leanne H.
Redwood City

Laura Bertolacci and I met several years ago when I hired her to sell my rental property. She gave me great suggestions on what I needed to update to get top dollar for the house. Which we indeed did!!
The decision to sell my home of 26 years a was tough and emotional one for me. Laura had done such a wonderful job for me previously, I knew I had to work with her again.
She is so supportive and understands, selling or buying a house can be a very trying time. She
always returned my calls or texts promptly with great answers/solutions to my concerns.
Laura and I thought it would be good for me to move to my new location and rent a place. That way she could have the house to show and I could look for a perfect home for me to purchase.
While packing the moving truck, I realized I had a lot of items I no longer wanted. Laura said “just leave them and I will dispose of them for you.” That was life-saving for me as time was an issue at this point.
Even before the “For Sale” sign went up, thanks to Laura’s hard work, marketing and many connections, we had gotten several offers on the house.
She worked her magic and within a couple of weeks, we closed the deal for full asking price!!!
I highly recommend Laura Bertolacci. You would be hard pressed to find a more knowledgeable, professional caring realtor!!
Laura gets results!!!

Linda F.
San Carlos

Laura went above and beyond to ensure a fantastic outcome with the sale of our home. She provided a huge value add by not only advising on cosmetic upgrades that had significant ROI when we went to market, but also completely managing all aspects of the work – including organizing quotes, scheduling vendors, managing contracts/paperwork, being onsite constantly to ensure work was done to her standards, and troubleshooting the inevitable issues that arise when selling a long-time home. She has deep and broad local expertise, is very strategic in all aspects of the home selling process, and is a great communicator. And her attention to detail – both on the paperwork side and also the presentation of the home – is second to none. I highly recommend Laura and would 100% use her again.

Carol E.
San Carlos

Laura was the agent that helped us sell our mother’s home. She guided us as to what areas of the home and yard should be renovated to prepare the property for the market. She was able to provide several vendors for each project, so we could compare the estimates and choose the one we preferred. She communicated well with myself & my brother mostly by phone and email. We felt that she consistently ‘kept us in the loop’, while not over reporting every little detail. Her knowledge of the Real Estate market was apparent. Laura’s confidence is contagious. You could count on her to follow through on whatever task she took responsibility for. We would highly recommend Laura for your Real Estate needs.

Nadine B.
Redwood City

First, I want to say that this review is way overdue! It’s how busy I am as a full time working mom of 3. This shows how important it was for us to find someone reliable like Laura. She helped us buy our first home in the Bay Area. Laura made the whole process seamless and painless for me and my husband. She was professional, knowledgeable, communicative, and most importantly, transparent. As first time home buyers, we needed someone genuine and Laura was that someone for us. Laura has our full trust and we will continue to work with her in the future. I highly recommend her. I do want to shout out her assistant, Kelly as well! A dynamic duo.

Nana A.
San Carlos

Laura did an outstanding job in orchestrating the sale of my condo. This was an estate sale in which I was charged with the duties as administrator. Living 1200 miles away, definitely presented an array of additional challenges to the process. From start to finish, Laura was there to aid me in any way necessary to get the job done, often going above and beyond anything I could have expected. She was instrumental in moving the furnishings and personal items to my location, cleaning of the property and making necessary repairs to ready the property for sale. It was then that her sales expertise was demonstrated, proving her knowledge of market conditions, the area and her negotiation skills. The property sold within days at the full agreed price and I never had to leave my home! Buying or selling, I would highly recommend Laura for your Real Estate needs!

Lloyd K.
Redwood City

Laura did a wonderful job coordinating the purchase of my home. She knows the market extremely well and was very responsive to our needs. I will definitely be working with Laura on any future real estate transactions.

Shelly S.
Redwood City

I do not know what I would have done without Laura. She was with me every step of the way. She provided timely and excellent advice throughout the process. Her unmatchable knowledge helped me navigate the local real estate market with relative ease. I would recommend her to anyone buying or selling a house, and know that she is who I will trust the next time I am in the market for a home.

Tony P.
San Carlos

We LOVE working with Laura! She is knowledgeable, communicative, and an amazing advocate for her clients.
Laura is also a fountain of knowledge. Not only can she answer any and every real estate question, but she is also a design and home repair whiz. She really got to know us and helped us visualize the potential of the listings we were visiting — what we could do to fix the lighting here, update the bathroom there, etc. In that same vein, she was always honest and realistic about what could be done and if she saw a red flag or something about a home that wouldn’t meet our needs.
Laura is also incredibly connected and respected in the industry. Working with an agent who has a great rapport with other agents matters, and we definitely reaped the benefits of Laura’s reputation. She also has a vendor for anything and everything home-related you could possibly think of and if you don’t think of it, Laura will make sure you do. As first-time home buyers, this was helpful beyond measure.
Laura and her team are also incredibly responsive, communicative, and biased for action. You might get outbid on a house, but you’ll never be outpaced with Laura on your side. Laura’s be-ready-and-act-quickly strategy was a huge factor in us getting our home.
If you want to buy a home in the Bay Area, work with Laura. She’s a genuinely good human being and amazing at what she does.

Emily M.
Redwood City

I have now used Laura for her expert Realtor services twice. Both times she was totally amazing and professional. Her energy, availability, and knowledge are beyond what any person could ask for. I HIGHLY recommend Laura to anyone. Her connections to get minor repairs done quickly and efficiently were so nice. There are so many Realtors out there, but there is NO one I would ever use other than Laura! Thank you for making what could be a stressful transaction as smooth as possible!

Chuck C.
Redwood City

Laura went above and beyond helping us sell our home in San Carlos. Great market knowledge. Extremely responsive. She often and answered questions that I have before I could even ask about them. She did a great job negotiating the deal with her years of being in the market and her local knowledge. She was also very good with looking at the local economics as well as the macroeconomics to base the selling price. I would work with Laura again in a heartbeat. She was fantastic and I highly recommend her.

Dave G.
San Carlos

We retired at the end of 2021 and knew we’d be moving to the PNW and needed a realtor. We knew of Laura for many years seeing her for sale/sold signs throughout the Redwood City and San Carlos areas. I say many years and that’s what it takes to become a professional and successful realtor. After a career of working closely with the Real Estate industry it wasn’t hard to get a gauge of her personal appeal and enthusiasm to list our property. Her talent at actively listening to our needs while guiding us in the right direction was top notch and never wavering while at the same time not hovering over us. And communicating every step of the way what needed to be done was so professional without adding undo stress to an already stressful situation after we moved and left the property in her hands. I highly recommend her as a realtor for your next home or sale and would most definitely use her services again. You cannot go wrong with Laura.

Gary F.
Redwood City

We cannot thank Laura enough for all her help and expertise during our recent home purchase. With her years of experience and connections in the area, she made our search and the whole process from offer to close very seamless. Her great rapport with all the area real estate agents also really helped us in the offer process.
Laura gave us advice all along and continued helping us afterward with sending us information on vendors who could help us with upgrades we planned to make on our new home and answered questions we had about various topics home related. We are so thankful to have found Laura and her associate Kelly to help us through this very important stage in life. Couldn’t have asked for a better agent!

Armaan M.
Menlo Park

I want to express our utmost appreciation for the excellent work Laura Bertolacci did to manage our recent home purchase. This is the second time in 30 years that Laura has helped us find and purchase the perfect property. She provided us with many options in the areas where we were looking to buy. Once we decided on a property the entire process of purchasing the home was seamless. Laura provided great direction on all of the steps from the offer to the closing, even helping with a few issues after the final closing. Her knowledge of the market and her familiarity with the seller’s agent were key to securing our gem of a property. Laura is an outstanding agent, and we were extremely fortunate to be able to work with her again. We can’t imagine a higher level of service.

Jeanne W.

Thank you, Laura! Settling into our new home on the East Coast, we realize just how amazing our experience working with Laura was. We were on a short timeline to sell our previous home in the Bay Area and she helped us with top resources to get all the right things done at the right time. She guided us through the process and made sure we always had our questions answered sometimes before we asked. The sales process was very logical and smooth and we felt that she always had our best interest in mind. We would highly recommend Laura.

Kathleen D.
Half Moon Bay

Laura brought so many skills to our transaction I will try not to type a list. We needed the transaction to close quickly and despite some external delays, it did. Her negotiation was incredible to get us the best price and terms. She was responsive to all inquiries and had a team of service technicians ready to provide services to accommodate buyer and seller. We are now moving to a related transaction and there is no question who will represent us. Thank you Laura!

Vern S.
San Carlos

Laura is hands-down the best real estate agent in the Bay Area market. As far as I’m concerned, she sets the standard for everyone else. My wife and I have known Laura for several years and there is no one else I would entrust with a home sale or purchase. She has encyclopedic knowledge of the Bay Area market, unmatched familiarity with all relevant aspects of contracting and development, and extensive connections to vendors available to complete projects. She helped us find our home and guided us seamlessly through the process with responsiveness at every turn. In addition to being our representative, we consider Laura a close friend. I’m extremely grateful we found her.

Nick G.
San Carlos

Thank you Laura for your expertise and knowledge, you made our transaction very smooth and comforting. We are very appreciative of your assistance in getting the property ready for sale and being very efficient with the time. We are grateful that you had a group of helpers and vendors that were very professional and reliable. It takes a team to get it done and you did! Thank you so much!!

Cathy Jo G.
Redwood City

Laura is an area expert and has her finger on the pulse of the housing market. She was extremely helpful, responsive, and attentive throughout the sales process. Her access to vendors expedited the time it took to prepare the home for sale and allowed it to show it’s best. While the selling process can be stressful, Laura relieves as much of the burden as possible. She treats the home as if it were her own and cares about the people involved in the transaction.

Leanne H.
San Carlos

Laura and her team are fantastic. Following Laura’s recommendations and instincts our first offer was accepted with no counter. Our escrow and closing were also stress-free because Laura and her team took care of everything. We’re very happy in our new home and will use and recommend Laura again in the future.

Carson A.
San Bruno

I had many solid options for real estate agents and I’m very happy that I selected Laura. She has an awesome team supporting her and a well-established network of “get the job done” on-time and on-budget contractors. See worked closely with me throughout the process and I never felt like she didn’t have things will under control. Highly recommend!

Bill B.
San Carlos

We did some research before choosing a seller’s agent, so Laura was not selected casually; all the recommendations we could find seemed to indicate that she would be the right choice for a property like ours – and she definitely was! Our house was certainly a premium property, but suffered from some deferred maintenance and more importantly a lack of being updated. Laura was able to recommend updates that would translate into the most value when selling, and then recommend local contractors to perform the work at very competitive prices.
We were very impressed at how much she handled the management of preparing the home for sale. We had already moved to our new home out-of-state, and so could not be on-site to handle the day-to-day process of administering the contractors and making sure everything was taken care of as it needed to be. Without both her vision and her close attention, I’m sure the house would have not attracted the well-qualified buyers that it did.
In short, we were extremely happy with the service that Laura provided for us in this transaction, and would actively seek out her services again in a similar situation.

Mark M.
San Carlos

I interviewed 5 realtors to handle the sale of our house, and Laura clearly had extensive experience and knowledge of the local real estate market. I decided to trust Laura because she was the agent who best understood how to prioritize the work that was needed on our house. She was honest in her assessment of the needed repairs and improvements and had contacts with the people who could get the job done- fair and capable inspectors, contractors, appliance suppliers, and the many other people who repaired, painted, cleaned, landscaped, staged, and more. All the work was completed on schedule and Laura personally supervised every detail, communicating with us regularly after we moved out of state, responding immediately to all our questions. I appreciated that Laura always communicated with us personally, not delegating anything to associates or assistants. Finally, the house was finished and looked amazing.
Laura’s ability as a strategist also came into play in pricing the house and deciding exactly when to put it on the market to be seen by the most prospective buyers. Laura was brilliant – we received multiple offers on the house, which sold within a week at well over our asking price.
I imagined it could be difficult getting extensive work done on the house in a few short weeks, especially in the post-pandemic economy, and selling it successfully from out of state, but Laura made it all work with precision and organization. She’s honest, direct, and a pleasure to work with. If you have the opportunity to work with Laura on any real estate transaction, I hope you’ll do so- we couldn’t have been more satisfied.

Lia S.
Redwood City

I interviewed three realtors by phone after narrowing down my internet search. Laura was straightforward, knowledgeable, and excessively responsive. I trusted her to represent us and get what needed to be done, done. We partnered with Laura to sell a home in San Mateo. The house needed a little work, and we weren’t living in it at the time-we were in New Jersey. I was calm in my decision but my husband was nervous. After Laura spent a month getting our house ready (she knows everyone and has reasonable and fair contractors on-hand), we had an offer within a week. We closed last month, and my husband STILL brings up the fact that he doesn’t think anyone could have done what Laura did. She got us a great price and led us through a smooth transaction. We highly recommend her.

Eileen D.
San Mateo

I had already moved out of state and Laura handled everything, making the entire process of selling my old home easy. She is extremely knowledgeable and responsive, and had vendors available to complete projects. I feel fortunate to have found Laura and would highly recommend her!

Diana V.
San Carlos

Laura contacted me minutes after I left a message. Laura was there right away! She was So very helpful from the start of selling my home until the end. She is very professional, contacted vendors that came out right away to complete all projects. I would highly recommend Laura with any of your real estate need!

Barbara B.
San Carlos

Our relationship with Laura began in 1990 when we saw her signs around the neighborhood and decided to contact her about listing our house for sale. And now, 32 years later, Laura is still the one we look to when we are ready to move once again. She has helped us navigate 6 sales and 6 purchases over the years, and there is no one else we would we would rather work with. Laura gives 100% to her clients. She is always available and quick to respond. She knows what it takes to get a home sold and knows what it takes to get an offer accepted. She’s so knowledgeable, has a great team, and is there for you every step of the way…. and beyond. Thank you Laura, for always being there when we needed you and for making our moves actually happen!

Nan C.
Los Altos

Laura is an amazing realtor to work with, from start to finish. She thoughtfully guided us as we were sellers, and then as buyers in this crazy, competitive market. Her vast experience and strategic approach, combined with her attentiveness – focusing on our specific situation & needs, all led us to very successful transactions on both ends. We are so grateful to her!
Laura knows this business inside and out and is great at it. Her analytical ability to discern just the right pricing and timing (whether selling or putting in an offer to buy), based on her research and experience-based intuition, has been spot on for us. Laura’s years of experience gives her knowledge of market nuances, timing, pricing, what’s worth investing in (or not) to fix up house to sell, and more. She clearly has a precise beat on the market on a weekly basis and is very strategic in all her decisions as a result.
Laura has years of relationships and deep community connections which makes ALL the difference in this business. She knows of potential buyers and sellers, which was how she found us a great off market home to purchase. Laura has outstanding connections with other realtors, which is critical in this competitive market. She is well respected by the many transaction agents involved in buying and selling (mortgage bankers, title companies, etc.) who all say Laura is the best in the business, so they worked hard for us as her clients. Laura has an incredibly talented team of contractors, painters, landscapers, floor refinishers, and more who quickly and beautifully transformed our home to bring it to market, starting just days after we signed with her. And her team in the office are also fantastic – knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to work with.
Laura has been a great shepherd for us, both as sellers and as buyers. We needed a lot of guidance, and Laura listened carefully, empathized, and provided options. She thinks thoroughly and fast, always anticipating the next action necessary, which was critical for us and helped keep us from getting overwhelmed.
Laura is the consummate real estate professional. Her perfectionism, high energy, vision for design, and non-stop work ethic combined with her years of experience and relationships make her the best whether you are buying or selling. We highly recommend working with her!

Brad & Susie T.
Redwood City

Thanks to Laura we recently closed escrow on our beautiful new home in San Mateo! Even with many offers on the house, Laura was able to get the deal done! We are grateful for all the hard work Laura demonstrated during our search, and for her guidance in navigating the offer process in such a competitive market. She truly made it feel easy for us, although we know it’s anything but easy in this market. During our home search in San Mateo, Laura was incredibly responsive, available at all times, and willing to show us properties at a moment’s notice. She is a true expert in her understanding of the market and leverages her strong relationships with local brokers, lenders, and contractors to help delight her clients. Laura is a great partner and resource, and we couldn’t have been happier with the service she provided. We feel like we won the realtor “lottery” by finding Laura, and would strongly recommend her to anyone on the peninsula looking to buy or sell a home.

John S.
San Mateo

Laura is a very professional Real Estate Agent. The whole process was made very easy as Laura was a great help in orchestrating contractors for inspections and repairs. Her recommendations for necessary repairs and upgrades were very much on target in preparing the property for the market. Laura kept in close contact with the escrow company to maintain a smooth transparent transaction. Laura understands Trust property sale transactions and the difficulties that may arise in the process.
I would use Laura again for all my Real Estate needs.
Additionally, the entire team of professionals at Sereno in San Carlos was very helpful. Thank you again,
Alan S.

Alan S.
San Carlos

If you need a trustworthy, kind, and hardworking realtor, Laura is the one to work with. Laura helped us buy and sell our homes and it truly was a seamless experience. We met with Laura and immediately connected because of her friendly and down-to-earth personality. Laura is an excellent listener and recommends solutions that are going to meet your needs. Laura continuously communicated with us through the entire process and always made herself available for us when we needed her. Laura’s staff from her personal team and her extended team (painters, electricians, gardeners, etc.) all deliver the highest quality of work.
After working with Laura, you know you have a friend for life, and for us, she has become part of the family. She always wants the best for you and makes it happen!

Monica S.
Redwood City

Laura Bertolacci is a phenomenal real estate professional! From the very beginning, she brought her incredible know-how, energy and integrity to the sale of our San Carlos home, and we were delighted by how her attention-to-detail made things progress so smoothly.
We found Laura to be a highly effective communicator, using text, e-mail and phone calls to keep us informed all along the way. She was a good listener and always offered prompt, specific, informed and honest advice.
With her extensive vendor connections, Laura was able to expedite pre-sale home inspections and brought in quality workmen who delivered on cost effective home improvements. We always felt she was as careful with our dime as with her own.
Finally, Laura’s professional expertise (familiarity with the local market, exceptional negotiating skills) was essential to crafting an efficient selling strategy. We were pleased to receive multiple offers and to reach our targets (price and timing). Using her extensive RE network, she was able to sell our home pre-MLS listing, even as escalating mortgage rates brought market challenges.
Thanks Laura!! Great job!!

Beth B.
San Carlos

We contacted Laura Bertolacci to sell our house during a time when the market was unpredictable, and we wanted to sell our house quickly. She was attentive to our needs, and worked hard to get us to market quickly, all while advising us on the best timing to get us the best deal possible. Laura was communicative, responsive, and competent. Even through a few hiccups that were no fault of her own, she went above and beyond to make sure we sold our house and were well taken care of until the end. I would highly recommend her.

Daniel P.
San Carlos

Laura and her team were a joy to work with, and I highly recommend Laura! We were selling our Emerald Hills home of 17 years after we retired, and with interest rates rising, we knew we were selling as the market was starting to dip. She’s such a pro and is so respected by other top real estate professionals in the community. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about the local market, with a huge network of trusted vendors, and knows exactly what makes a house more desirable to buyers. She walked us through every step in the process and was incredibly responsive and on top of all the details at all times – she made the process as smooth as it could be. In the end, we were able to get a much higher price than we thought we would. We’re grateful for all she did to make our experience such a success. Thank you, Laura!

Jennifer P.
Emerald Hills

I have now used Laura for her expert Realtor services twice (both time to sell our house). Both times she was totally amazing and professional. Her energy, availability, and knowledge are beyond what any person could ask for. I HIGHLY recommend Laura to anyone. Her connections to get minor repairs (or large repairs) done quickly and efficiently were so nice. There are so many Realtors out there, but there is NO one I would ever use other than Laura! Thank you for making what could be a stressful transaction as smooth as possible!

Jacob N.
San Carlos

Laura is wonderful to work with. I highly recommend using Laura when purchasing or buying a home.
Nine years ago Laura helped purchase our house in Redwood City during a very competitive market. Four months ago she helped again to sell the same house. We chose to work with Laura twice because of her knowledge of the local market, honesty, integrity, and attention to detail throughout the entire process. She is a pro at her profession!
Laura is well known and respected by other top real estate professionals in the community.
She provided recommendations on improvements that maximized the value of our home. She also has a network of resources e.g., contractors /vendors we used for our home improvements.
I’m grateful for all she did to make our experience such a success. Thank you, Laura!

Sam I.
Redwood City

Look no further than Laura B! She’s a master in her craft, an expert in the Bay Area, and a trustworthy/reliable agent and friend. Laura will make you feel like you are her only client she is working with – she is responsive, attentive and puts your best interests at front. My husband and I were selling our SF condo and buying our first home in the suburbs and we felt as easy having Laura at the helm! She helped us narrow down what we were looking for, worked within our budget, ensured she was well versed in the geographies and micro-markets we were interested in purchasing in, and help masterfully craft a strategic offer that was ultimately accepted and left us feeling like we got our new home at a price we were super comfortable and confident in. Her team and vendor relationships are super helpful too! The process of buying and selling homes in the Bay Area is stressful enough, it’s critical to have someone like Laura that you can trust to lead and guide you with your best interests and budget in mind 🙂

Andrea Y.

We would like to thank Laura for all of the work she did in getting our property to close for us very fast.
She made house searching so easy for us, all we had to do is tell her what we were looking for and she did all the work including showing us off market houses!! She really goes above and beyond her duties to help you find your house and making sure everything is safe for you and your family! We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor than Laura! We would recommend her to all and everyone who is searching for their perfect and good quality home. We give her a big thanks for everything!

Naseem B.
Redwood City

I recently sold my house using Laura Bertolacci. I have known Laura for over 20 years as a family friend and by her reputation in my neighborhood. When it became time to sell my house the choice was obvious. Laura is an amazing realtor to work with, from start to finish. Her vast experience and strategic approach, combined with her attentiveness – focusing on my specific situation & needs, resulted in very successful sale.

Bill L.
Redwood City

I can highly recommend Laura as either buyer or seller’s agent. She assisted me with the sale of my parent’s home in Redwood Shores. I am a Realtor and have worked with many real estate brokers and agents on hundreds of transactions in San Mateo County. When it came time to sell, I asked Laura to facilitate the process. I can say with confidence that Laura is the best agent/ broker I have ever worked with.
Laura has the experience and market knowledge that make her an extremely successful and effective broker/agent. I can’t say enough about her professionalism and knowledge. She has high integrity and is very conscientious and tenacious, always keeping the clients best interests in mind. Laura handled all aspects of the transaction. Since I am currently out of the area. Laura had her team get the property ready to market. Got a very attractive offer and brought the transaction to a smooth and worry free close.
If you’re selling or buying in this ever changing market. Look no further. Call Laura!

Cy R.
Redwood Shores

We chose Laura Bertolacci to represent us during the sale of our house due to her great reviews. Now, I am writing one myself.
We sold our house, it went over listing and we couldn’t be more grateful to Laura.
She absolutely lives up to all the great reviews, she also saw potential in the house and had a clear vision from day 1.
We trusted her throughout the process with regards to everything (and were very wise to do so). She set up painters, handymen, gardeners, vendors etc; all were timely, respectful, very professional, and did an excellent job.
The house looked amazing when it came to going on the market, she literally went above and beyond from start to finish. No matter what we needed help with, she held our hand throughout – as promised. She took care of everything.
If we ever need to sell again, she will definitely be our choice.
We highly recommend hiring Laura – you will not regret it.

Kirsten M.
Redwood City

My sister and I hired Laura to sell our condominium at 555 Laurel in San Mateo. This property had been rented out for 25 years and was in need of a complete renovation. Laura took it on. She contacted all the trades people we needed to whip this property into shape. I was astonished how she handled the entire renovation. A brand new kitchen, 3 bathrooms, new floors, fixtures, and paint. To top it off, she had buyers interested in our property even before hitting the market. Needless to say it sold immediately at full ask. Laura is extremely detailed, knowledgeable, energetic, and SELLS real estate better then any other agent I’ve met. I highly recommend Laura.

Stephanie R.
San Mateo

Laura is the best, has the knowledge to sell the property. Trust her experience, it is worthy to follow her advice. From staging, repairs, pricing, she recommended contractors are reliable and responsible in cost, very clear on each condition, good or bad, she handled it right and honestly.

David T.
San Mateo

Laura agreed to work with us in perhaps the most competitive year for Bay Area real estate (2021!) and not only did she help us get our dream home but also helped us sell our earlier home. Having worked with 2 other realtors in the Bay Area previously, we can safely say we hit gold with Laura. She took the time to understand our needs and what we were looking for in our home and ensured we were first in line to see homes that could meet our needs. The finishing touch was her helping us land a fantastic property off-market.
Laura has an amazing team who supports her across contractors, painters, stagers and managing the vast amount of paperwork that comes with real estate transactions. Throughout the process of buying and selling with her, we felt like we were working with a friend who we could lean on for genuine advice. Laura is thorough, thoughtful and detail oriented and she’s one of the few partners who would truly look out for you!

Chirag R.
San Carlos

Laura and her team are amazing to work with. I highly recommend her and would absolutely use her again for any Real Estate need in the future. I met Laura during a very difficult situation where I was the trustee of a family member’s estate. We were grieving the loss of our family member and dealing with many legal and financial aspects of the trust. I knew that Laura was an expert in her field from the moment I met her. From day one she presented an intricate plan and implemented it skillfully. She has many connections in the industry and every step of the way she would bring in the best of the best to take care of whatever need arose. Laura brought in a team to transform the house to update it. The house looked beautiful and modern, exactly what shoppers were looking for. Laura involved us every step of the way and took care of every aspect. She frequently checked in on us to offer support knowing that we were grieving as we were moving forward on the sale of the house. The compassion she showed us was above and beyond anything I expected. I felt like I was working with a longtime friend throughout the process. I could call her anytime, ask her any question, and I knew I would instantly be answered and supported. I am truly grateful that Laura was there for me and my family during such a difficult time. There was tremendous peace of mind because I knew that Laura had a plan, a solution and an expert in the field for every part of the process.

Sarah B.
San Carlos

I am planing to leave the area soon, so I need someone who can help me sell the house quickly. And because of Covid, I need someone who can take care of all the cleaning, repairing, and staging without me being there. It turned out Laura is the person who can do 200% of what I need! After I handed over the key, she was able to handle everything, and sold the house in a month. Thank you Laura!

Chris L.
Redwood Shores

Look no further! You’ve found the best realtor! Simply put, Laura Bertolacci is the best in the business. Her knowledge of the peninsula and connections within the market are impressive. Her and her team are fast, responsive, diligent, and they get things done. I especially loved how Laura had an amazing vendor catalog of trustworthy and high quality companies that could help fix minor repairs on our house before we listed. I was shocked at how she was able to manage her vendors and get them to prioritize work for us. In what would usually be a stressful time, she made the whole process of selling our house a breeze. She got us top dollar for our house too, more than we expected!
It doesn’t stop there. After she sold our house, she also landed us our dream home! Laura was able to navigate my husband and my requirements and knew what to look for in new listings. She was open regarding issues on disclosure packets and had a good pulse on what the listing would go for. She also has outstanding connections with other realtors outside of Dwell and that is priceless when you are in this competitive market. Laura and her team were wonderful though our closing. She went above and beyond to ensure that we were happy and that the process would be seamless. We actually closed a few days early which is unheard of!
Overall, Laura is a delight to work with. She works very hard for you and cares a lot for her clients!

Michelle N.
San Carlos

Ten years ago, Laura came through for us by helping us purchase the perfect house for our family of five in an extremely competitive market. As our kids grew up and flew the nest, and as our personal and professional goals evolved, we decided it was time to sell and relocate out of the area. Laura was again there for us every step of the way. She leveraged her deep knowledge of the local market to guide us with pricing and preparation of our home. With amazing project management prowess, she orchestrated her loyal army of A+ level contractors–inspectors, painters, handyman, landscapers, carpet installers, floor and grout refinishers, stagers–to get our house turn-key ready. We were on a tight timeline, and she calmly and effectively navigated us through the entire process without a single hitch. We received multiple offers well above our asking price and could not be happier with the outcome. We wholeheartedly recommend Laura to anyone seeking a top-notch real estate professional.

Jennifer W.
San Carlos

Working with Laura on the sale of our house was a great experience. From the onset Laura was attentive, knowledgable, personable, clear and optimistic – which in the middle of a pandemic with constant moving guidelines and expectations is impressive.
Laura is helpful in every way that was asked of her and then some. Laura is very clear on communication, follows through and sets realistic thorough expectations so that her clients feel supported and in the know.
One of the unexpected joys of working with Laura is her relationships and large inventory of partners and vendor suppliers. What could have been days and weeks of research and headaches instead were alleviated by Laura’s one stop shop ability to have just the right professional at her finger tips to get whatever job done we needed to get ready for our sale.
Laura’s experience shone thru as she expertly navigated the market in terms of timing, expected trends and communication with potential buyers.
To top top it off you can tell Laura enjoys her work and doing the best she can for you. The energy and attention she puts into her clients is consistent and abundant and we were grateful for all she did to make our experience such a success.

Alex G.
San Carlos

This is the second home sale for which we have utilized Laura’s services. She was extremely responsive, offered very useful advice regarding upgrading our rental home to make it more modern and appealing, recommended vendors to upgrade, inspect and stage the home, guided us through the time-consuming disclosure and inspection processes, and helped us set a price that assured a greater than asking price in just one weekend of showing. I highly recommend Laura for her many years of experience and dedication to providing the highest level of service.

Jill C.
Mountain View

Our family recently relocated from California to South Carolina. We selected Laura Bertolacci, with Dwell Realtors in San Carlos, to help us sell our home in Redwood City. Laura is very knowledgeable, friendly, and trustworthy. I never rate any service a 10 as there is always some room for improvement. This is not the case with Laura. She is a 10. She personally manages the process of selling your home from A to Z. She was available at all times. No issue was too small or too big – all were resolved immediately.
Laura, along with her team of Michelle & Kelly, proceeded to lead and manage all details of property inspection, disclosures, title, staging, painting, photography & myriad other tasks right up to the closing of our home. This is an A+ team and we highly recommend them.

Rich & Terri N.
Redwood City

I worked with Laura on a house she had listed for sale in Fremont. I do a lot of real estate transactions, and I would say this was easily one of the smoothest and easiest transactions I’ve done. Laura takes care of her clients very well, and was always on top of things way ahead of when they needed to be done. I appreciate the high level of professionalism, and look forward to doing more future transactions with her!
Thank you Laura!

Abbas K.

Four specific categories hardly seems enough to describe Laura Bertolacci, the best Realtor–by far–that we have ever worked with. Here is our story: Selling our childhood home after the passing of my mother was an emotional endeavor that could have been made exponentially more stressful if we had not chosen Laura as our Realtor. A consummate professional, she has in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and guided us through everything that was needed to achieve a successful sale. Some work on the house was required, and Laura lined up everything like clockwork. She was so patient with us three kids as we worked through the process; her superior communication skills made this much easier. During the listing period, she stayed completely on top of showings–even reaching out to other Realtors to gain insight on what buyers thought of the house–and provided frequent reports to us. After the offer was accepted, Laura kept us informed of progress every step of the way with frequent follow up and communications. From start to finish, Laura is absolutely top notch. On behalf of our entire family, we thank Laura for guiding us through the bittersweet journey of the sale of our family home. You are–put simply–THE BEST! (review written by my sister Theresa though I share her sentiments!)

William G.
San Mateo

Five stars hardly seem enough to rate the incredible service provided by Laura Bertolacci, the best Realtor–by far–that we have ever worked with. Here is our story:
Selling our childhood home after the passing of my mother was an emotional endeavor that could have been made exponentially more stressful if we had not chosen Laura as our Realtor. A consummate professional, she has in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and guided us through everything that was needed to achieve a successful sale. Some work on the house was required, and Laura lined up everything like clockwork. She was so patient with us three kids as we worked through the process; her superior communication skills made this much easier. During the listing period, she stayed completely on top of showings–even reaching out to other Realtors to gain insight on what buyers thought of the house–and provided frequent reports to us. After the offer was accepted, Laura kept us informed of progress every step of the way with frequent follow up and communications.
From start to finish, Laura is absolutely top notch. On behalf of our entire family, we thank Laura for guiding us through the bittersweet journey of the sale of our family home. You are–put simply–THE BEST!

Theresa M.
San Mateo

Laura is wonderful to work with. She came highly recommended to us and we chose her for a recent family property because of her long standing reputation in the community along with her get it done attitude. Laura is very responsive, honest and dedicated. She goes the extra mile and is thorough in everything she does. She is also very strategic, and her team can help throughout the entire process from setting up repairs, staging, and inspections, along with beautiful professional photos and online marketing tools. I am happy to recommend Laura. Thank you Laura!

Arthur Z.
Emerald Hills

My wife and I would highly recommend Laura and her team for any real estate transaction. From start to finish, Laura ensured no detail was overlooked. She provided impactful recommendations that helped maximize the value of our home by ensuring potential buyers could appreciate the space we loved. We closed the transaction early at a higher than asking price. This was our third experience with selling a house and Laura made the process as painless as possible.

Kris K.
Redwood City

From the moment we interviewed Laura we knew we had selected the right agent to sell our home. She laid a plan out and helped us the entire way, from getting contractors to do landscaping, kitchen revamp and bathroom renovation. Since our home was a duplex she new it would take a different buyer and did a great job attracting potential buyers. She went out of her way to assure that we did not have to leave our home more than necessary. After she sold our home she walked us through the closing process and kept us informed of every step.
We cannot say enough about how professionals Laura was and made a potential stressful situation as easy as possible. We recommend her for anyone who wants to sell their home.

John & Alice S.

I counted them, and I have done 15 real estate transactions, 2 of them with Laura. She is the very best by a wide margin. Thoughtful about work to be done while selling, but practical in terms of what needs to be done and what just needs to be disclosed. In this last transaction, I lived out of state so was selling remotely. She was on top of all the improvements and they were well worth the money in terms of marketability. When some last minutes repairs cropped up, she was there every day or multiple times per day to check up on the work and make sure all was done on time.
She is a pro. Knows her chosen profession very well, makes sure that risk is eliminated, disclosures are thorough, and helped with the disclosures by having copies of all of them from when I bought the house. I received top dollar, could not be happier, and felt like I was extremely well taken care of. When we originally bought the house, it was a very tight marketplace with multiple bids and I believe the reason I got it was her reputation with the other realtor. They had already had a deal fall through and knew she would hold it together.
You just can’t go wrong with Laura, you just can’t. The best of the best.

Anne M.

Laura has been incredible to work with. She was the most punctual and effective agent that we have worked with. She was very attentive, always available whenever I needed to touch base with her, and helped us through the entire selling process. I could not speak more highly of her and would recommend her to anyone looking for an agent in the Bay Area.
Laura was very professional, hardworking and is very knowledge about the local market. Her company provides high quality photos, fliers, and a personal for sale website for the home. She went above and beyond what we expected, and had our home sold very quickly. If we ever decide to buy or sell and home in the Bay Area, we will definitely be using her.

Matthew C.
Redwood City

I highly recommend Laura to any Peninsula home buyer or seller. Laura is a very professional, in the know, real estate agent. She has sold two houses for us over the past few years with no hassle at all. We put all of her recommendations into play and the homes sold for over asking price. She knows her stuff.

Elizabeth K.
Redwood City

We are pleased to highly recommend Laura Bertolacci and Dwell Realtors of San Carlos. We have known Laura for many years. She was our agent for our Redwood City home purchase in 2010. She knew exactly what we wanted and found us the perfect home. She represented us throughout the negotiation process such that we trusted her judgement and advice. We were kept informed every step of the way. When we chose to move nine years later, we went right to Laura to assist in the sale. She gave us great tips to prepare and market our home. Her timing was excellent. The sale came in at our asking price. She has tremendous experience in the real estate business and we feel this was an awesome plus! She is well known in the peninsula community for her professionalism, expertise and knowledge of the area.

Al Z.
Redwood City

“Simply put Laura will get it done for you: the most $ in your pocket with the least amount of work required from you. In addition to everything listed under her skill set I’d add strategic and savvy. I would highly recommend utilizing her for both selling and purchasing a home.”

J. Dillard
San Mateo

“Laura Bertolacci is a true professional with an impeccable reputation in the Real Estate Industry. Laura has been my Real Estate advisor through three transactions. In every instance, Laura has been an expert with her knowledge and advice.”

S. Sullivan
San Mateo

“She is fantastic. The ultimate professional. She continually says “Don’t worry, I will take care of it” and makes it a worry free transaction.”

G. Fava
San Mateo

“Cannot say enough about Laura. She is amazing. Very experienced, very thorough, professional and above all honest. Very important qualities to our family.”

Mr. & Mrs. Merslich
Redwood City

“Laura did an outstanding job on this sale in every respect: great client service & responsiveness to our needs, superb knowledge of the market development, development of a strategy for our particular situation with a presentation of options. In short, she’s a dedicated professional. We would recommend her highly and, in fact, have done so.”

F. Free
Redwood City

“Without a doubt, Laura Bertolacci is the most professional and competent real estate broker I have ever the pleasure to work with. Laura came highly recommended by several Park Atherton home owners and board members. At our first meeting, she provided my out of area family with a marketing plan and information discussing how she would sell my deceased sister’s home. Key to this estate sale was satisfying my #1 issue — how to bring in sufficient qualified buyers for a sale within 30 days. Laura’s accomplished this by helping us price the home to sell, bringing in multiple offers, and closing escrow in 45 days after signing listing documents. During these 45 days Laura’s attention to detail, follow-up, and keeping me informed was excellent. She gets an A+ for a job well done. Again a very special thanks for a job well done.”

Ron Auletti
Redwood City

“Laura Bertolacci was a fantastic realtor who helped us sell our home in San Carlos. Her experience in preparing our house, marketing, and negotiating the sale was phenomenal and helped us get a great price and smooth transaction.”

K. Sarin
San Carlos

“Laura was fabulous. This was an emotion packed year for my family. Laura’s guidance and completion of the sale of my late brother’s house was flawless. We feel lucky to have had her as our realtor.”

S. Larsen
San Carlos

“Laura is experienced, knowledgeable, competitive, trustworthy, dependable, aggressive, detail oriented, supportive, accessible, and just an all around nice person to work with. She made selling my home very manageable. She is tops!!”

S. Reichardt
San Carlos

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Laura. She is a true professional and we could not have been more pleased with the service she provided. We will always recommend her to anyone we know.”

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
San Carlos

“Phenomenal! Thanks to Laura for all her assistance.”

Redwood City

“Laura was conscientious and extremely efficient in the marketing as well as negotiations and the final closing. Her efforts were instrumental in our selling the property in a timely fashion.”

Nemac, Inc.

“Laura is a highly professional agent and an extremely nice person. She handled our business in a remarkable way paying attention to the minutest details. It was a pleasure dealing with such a efficient lady.”

The Nacht's

“Absolute professionalism! From good recommendations for services the property required, to realistic expectations of how to approach the sale – will definitely recommend and use Laura’s services in the future.”

B. Wade
San Carlos

Laura is not only a top notch real estate broker but also is a great person. Laura helped us seven years ago to buy our first house. As first time buyers, we had a lot of questions and hesitations. Laura was extremely patient and took time to explain the pros and cons of every property. This was 2001 when properties flew fast with multiple overbid offers. Laura guided us through every step and gave us room to make our own decisions. She took time to get to know us and to understand what was important. Her knowledge of the peninsula and especially Belmont/San Carlos/Redwood City area is superb. Laura was also good at pointing out what we should be lookin at when buying a house. Finally, with Laura’s help we were able to find and buy a great home.

Fast forward 7 years and 2 kids. We decided to sell our home and buy a bigger house. Without a second thought we hired Laura to do both. Now, as more experienced home owners and house-hunters, we needed less input on buying but more input on selling. Laura once again guided and worked around our schedule to stage and sell the house and at the same time find us a new home. Amazingly from the first phonecall to Laura to the move into the new house took less than 3 months. We got a great house in a great neighborhood.

I see the following as Laura’s key strengths: * Communications — Laura is always on top of everything and stays in constant touch with the client. I knew exactly what was happening every day. * Experience — with Laura you are not getting a fly by realtor but an industry expert with key insights into the peninsula market — properties, owners, and other agents. Her gut feel on what sells is absolutely amazing — the best thing one can do to sell their home with Laura is to listen to every advice and execute. * Personal touch — Laura goes beyond the required to create a bond and really to get to know you. * Knowing when to push and when to back off. Too often we hear of overly pushy realtors or realtors who do nothing. You will find neither with Laura. * Intensity and energy — Lauara is full of energy and that matches our personalities very well.

Bottom line — if you are looking for a house or looking to sell a house — call Laura immediately. I know we will if we ever need to.

~~Posted on www.Yelp.com 6/05/2008

Redwood City

Laura Bertolacci…..Great RE/MAX Realtor :

We were blessed to have inherited my Husbands, family home. We were able to offer it to our Son and his Family to live in for 3 years, while he got his Registered Nursing Degree. When he finished his Air Force Duty, and moved back to California.

After the kids purchased a New Home in Rancho Cordova, it was time to tackle selling the old homestead. We were referred to Laura Bertolacci, by a very pleased past client. Laura had sold their parents home, and assisted them in purchasing their first home.

We made an appointment with Laura, she was so professional. After she toured the house, she presented us with a vision of what it could be, and how to make it a reality. Laura was amazing, she has a Stable of Painters, Gardeners, Electricians, Plumbers, Handy men, Stagers…if you need it she’s got it. Not to mention that they all agreed to be paid at Escrow, meaning no Out of Pocket for us, which we could not afford. Her crew kicked in and WOW! When it was done and staged, my husband had to go out and recheck the Address. It looked beautiful. I cannot say enough…. what a difference staging makes.

Laura is so good at Networking that the first potential buyer, to look at our property bought it. It never really went on the Open Market Listing, yeah Laura is that good. And it didn’t end there, Laura held our hand all the way thru Escrow, literally right there at our side.

Oh did I mention that we followed our Grandkids to Rancho Cordova….and that Laura partnered with a Realtor here to insure that we were taken under wing, and that we got a Great Deal.

Now granted we are currently in a challenging Real Estate Market…..but if anyone can deliver, my bet is on Laura. So when we do sell our Family home of 30 years, in Fremont…. Laura will be our Realtor.

Diane Eigenman
Redwood City

“She was excellent–she kept us all to date essentially daily, and really keeps tabs on the market on an ongoing basis. We will certainly recommend her to our neighbors.”

The Pyka's

“Laura was incredible! I had the best experience! She kept me well informed and bent over backwards. She really eased my fears. Awesome job!”

T. Finato

“My husband and I were referred to Laura by a friend. We had already tried selling our home earlier in the year without success. We had taken it off the market and were in the process of trying to find another realtor. We actually interviewed three local realtors and decided to go with Laura. We never regretted our decision.

Laura was right up front in the original meeting explaining her approach and hands on style. Her communication skills are incredible. She kept us apprised of all the necessary details as they came up. There were never any surprises. She had some very positive suggestions for improvements on preparing our home for sale and I’m sure that they helped in selling it so quickly. I believe her experience and guidance was the key to our successful sale. We not only sold our home in less than a week and closed the deal in less than 30 days; we received more then $50k over our asking price.

I would not hesitate to recommend Laura to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Given the times we are currently going through in this country with home foreclosures, lending challenges and the stock market scares, I feel incredibly lucky to have found Laura to help us sell our home.

I am completely SOLD on Laura and enjoyed the experience. We’re on to our next journey which will take us to Idaho to enjoy our grandchildren and watch them grow up as we grow older.”

The Ruff's
Redwood City

“Laura is very professional and she knows very well the market, so our house was sold very fast. GREAT JOB!”

The Richard's

“The last time I purchased a home my husband was still alive and he managed the whole process, all I had to do was show up at the title company and sign some papers. Needless to say, I was a little nervous about making a move but I knew it was time. Laura did a great job of holding my hand during the process but without making me feel like an idiot. She was wonderful at showing me houses as they came on the market. I really liked the email program we set up to alert me to new properties and price changes. As a single parent my time is limited and it was nice to be able to sit down when I had a moment and get the latest scoop. Once I finally found a place that I wanted to buy Laura really came through. She wrote up my offer, presented it and let me know right away when it was accepted. I learned that there’s a lot that needs to be done between “offer accepted” and “here’s the key” and Laura helped me through every bit and kept me very well informed. It all went very smoothly, quickly and painlessly.

Laura has continued to check in with me and make sure things are working out. She checks in to make sure my son and I are happy and taking care of things.”

A. Brassinga

“I can’t say enough on how happy our experience was with Laura’s handling of both sales of our homes. We strongly recommend her as an agent!”

The Bellanti's

“We lived in Washington and the house had been neglected for many years. Laura had to have both bathrooms remodeled, replace the kitchen floor and all appliances, plus paint the entire interior and some exterior before it could be put on the market. It sold within a week for $43k over asking!!!”

Mr. Poore

“A short sale in real estate is not always a pleasant transaction but Laura & her team make it stress free!!!”

Mr. & Mrs. San Diego
San Mateo

“Laura is able to handle and anticipate minor problems as they arise so as to prevent them from disabling the sale. She is a hard working, honest person–a good friend to her profession–wish there were more like her.”

Mrs. Leiman

“Laura was a great agent for us both as buyers and sellers. We will definitely recommend her to others.”

T. Ross & L. Bernardini

“Laura is a ‘Top Gun’. She was always on top of everything and advised me on every process that was happening. I will recommend her to anybody looking to buy or sell real estate. Laura Bertolacci is a person and agent that you can count on. Her hard work ethic is very admirable. With all the challenges facing us with this project, she handled all problems with good advice and great follow-up.”

Mr. Finato
San Carlos

“Laura was recommended to us by friends. She had handled the sale of two homes in that family. We have been extremely grateful for Laura and we would refer anyone to her WITHOUT HESITATION!”

The Espen's

“Laura exceeded all expectations! You could not find a better agent to sell your home!”

The Summer's

“Laura impressed me as a knowledgeable, competent and no-nonsense professional who enjoys her business.”

Ms. Kish

“Laura was a big help on many levels. She worked well with our style, and we would highly recommend her! She was on top of everything and it was good to know she was on our side. It was a joy to work with her.”

D. Rinaldis & J. McNary

“I intend to have Laura list and sell my stepmother’s home in the future. She is very personable and was always there to answer any questions I had.”

C. Davis

“Laura is very attentive to details and takes care of the many little things which helps the whole transaction go smoother. Thanks.”

The Mujica's

“Extremely efficient! I was impressed with her initiative and persistence.”

The Fisher's

“Everything was like precision clock work.”

The Grady's

“Laura handled advertising, promotion and the sale (within a matter of weeks) with exceptional diligence and devotion to her professional skill.”

The Ruben's

“Laura was very responsive and patient. I hope to work with her again.”

Mrs. Jack

“Laura is the most professional person I have ever deal with. She was aggressive and kept me informed every step of the way. I could not have dreamed of a better person to help me sell my house.”

J. Notowitz
Redwood City

“Laura is a fantastic agent to work with, so organized and professional.”

M. Garvin

“Laura is amazing! This is the 5th time we have bought or sold from her and we would not use anyone else. She is incredibly responsive, efficient, professional and helpful. I don’t know how she does it! I can’t speak highly enough of her and I recommend her to everyone.”

R. McDermott
Redwood City

“We enjoyed working with Laura – she is efficient, hard-working and thoughtful!”

Mr. & Mrs. von Emster
San Carlos

“Laura did a very good job in handling my mother’s property and her help his very much appreciated”

Mr. Cocco
Redwood City

“Laura was great. She really helped direct us to make a great decision on our place.”

D. Flores & S. Purvis
San Carlos