Laura is not only a top notch real estate broker but also is a great person. Laura helped us seven years ago to buy our first house. As first time buyers, we had a lot of questions and hesitations. Laura was extremely patient and took time to explain the pros and cons of every property. This was 2001 when properties flew fast with multiple overbid offers. Laura guided us through every step and gave us room to make our own decisions. She took time to get to know us and to understand what was important. Her knowledge of the peninsula and especially Belmont/San Carlos/Redwood City area is superb. Laura was also good at pointing out what we should be lookin at when buying a house. Finally, with Laura’s help we were able to find and buy a great home.

Fast forward 7 years and 2 kids. We decided to sell our home and buy a bigger house. Without a second thought we hired Laura to do both. Now, as more experienced home owners and house-hunters, we needed less input on buying but more input on selling. Laura once again guided and worked around our schedule to stage and sell the house and at the same time find us a new home. Amazingly from the first phonecall to Laura to the move into the new house took less than 3 months. We got a great house in a great neighborhood.

I see the following as Laura’s key strengths: * Communications — Laura is always on top of everything and stays in constant touch with the client. I knew exactly what was happening every day. * Experience — with Laura you are not getting a fly by realtor but an industry expert with key insights into the peninsula market — properties, owners, and other agents. Her gut feel on what sells is absolutely amazing — the best thing one can do to sell their home with Laura is to listen to every advice and execute. * Personal touch — Laura goes beyond the required to create a bond and really to get to know you. * Knowing when to push and when to back off. Too often we hear of overly pushy realtors or realtors who do nothing. You will find neither with Laura. * Intensity and energy — Lauara is full of energy and that matches our personalities very well.

Bottom line — if you are looking for a house or looking to sell a house — call Laura immediately. I know we will if we ever need to.

~~Posted on 6/05/2008

Style Agent, LLC
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